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A Statistics Online Program Overview

The Statistics Online Graduate Degree and Certificate programs are a part of the NC State University College of Sciences in the Department of Statistics, which was founded in 1941 by renowned statistician Gertrude Cox. As a prospective student you may find this blog useful for updates and information about our exciting online programs.

Regarded as a leading curriculum in teaching and research, the NC State University Online Graduate Degree and Certificates are a part of the largest graduate statistics program in the country. With the versatility of choosing between different avenues of study, as a student in the online programs you will receive the same world-class education as your on-campus counterparts. You will have online access to the same courses and assignments, to build a thriving community of online learners with the same esteemed reputation of on-campus graduates and the tools necessary to succeed in life after school.

The online programs have the ability to enhance your career, whether you are pursuing work in education, business, or government. Our renowned faculty and staff include members of NC State’s Academy of Outstanding Teachers and fellows of various professional societies. Many have research supported by the National Science Foundation and National Institute of Health, among others. These faculty and staff guide students in focused areas of analytical study, or research in pharmaceutical, banking, manufacturing, and government industries.

Ongoing collaborations with medical researchers at Duke, environmental scientists at the EPA research facility, pharmaceutical researchers at GlaxoSmithKline, and software developers at SAS Institute allow students access to highly regarded companies and industry giants to enhance their own professional growth.

The Statistics Online Graduate Degree and Certificates utilize the unique blended learning program of online distance education to leverage technology for those with diverse needs and learning styles, or for those who are currently entrenched in their own professional pursuits.

This blog will provide you with an inside look into the Online Statistics Graduate Degree and Certificates programs, and will help you to understand the comprehensive approach that the North Carolina State University College of Statistics takes to these programs.

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