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Alumnus Enhances Science Knowledge With Online Chemical Engineering Master’s Degree

Kurtis Colwell needed to expand his skill set from basic sciences to engineering in order to advance his career.

Colwell lives and works in Buffalo, New York. He’s a research technician at Honeywell, a multinational company that produces a variety of commercial and consumer products, engineering services and aerospace systems.

Prior to applying and enrolling in the Master of Science in Chemical Engineering degree program through Engineering Online at NC State, Colwell was enrolled at Michigan State. He was in the school’s Foundations of Chemical Engineering program. The two-part, eight-credit program at Michigan State allowed him to become eligible for NC State’s College of Engineering’s online master’s program.

Kurtis Colwell

Kurtis Colwell

One of Colwell’s key factors in choosing an online engineering program at NC State was flexibility.

“The online program did not demand that I had to be in a classroom at a certain time every day, which is not possible while working full-time during the day,” Colwell said. He also said he would recommend NC State’s online engineering programs to his fellow chemistry professionals.

“In our local job market, basic science knowledge only goes so far. Engineering is a far more promising field and the [engineering online] programs provide the flexibility to learn this discipline,” he added.

Colwell earned his Master of Science in Chemical Engineering degree in December 2016.

“I plan to use my degree to leverage the career advancement which has eluded me for quite a while now,” Colwell said.

Colwell also noted the quality of the education he received from NC State’s Engineering Online classes outpaced many of the previous science courses he had taken.

Interested in earning an online master’s degree in chemical engineering or another engineering field? Consider one of many online engineering master’s programs offered by NC State’s College of Engineering.