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An Animal Science Online Program Overview

Welcome to the North Carolina State University Animal Science Online blog. The Animal Science Online Certificate and Graduate programs are a part of the NC State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, in the Department of Animal Science. Use this blog to learn more about the opportunities presented by the online programs, and have a first-hand look at what’s going on in the department. For our first post, we’re giving you an Animal Science Online program overview.

A multidisciplinary approach to teaching is one of the many attributes that makes NC State’s Animal Science Online programs some of the most innovative, advanced, and well-regarded within the realm of animal science. Students will receive an intensive education in the core components of animal nutrition, physiology, genetics, biotechnology, and more.

Our Students

The Undergraduate Online Certificate* in Animal Nutrition readies students for a long and fulfilling career in any number of fields working with animals. Utilize this program to get a leg up on learning the basics of animal nutrition at the undergraduate level. You will learn about livestock, horse, and companion animal nutrition in preparation for potential careers such as feed sales and manufacturing, animal management, or pet store management. Because the Certificate in Animal Nutrition courses are offered both in distance learning format and on-campus, students may choose the course of study that best fits their individual needs and schedules.

The Online Graduate Degree in Animal Science is the first and only distance education masters in animal science in the United States. This program specializes in preparing students for work in real-world fields through the collaboration of theory and practice, in a format that allows you to learn at your own pace. Students pride themselves on being able to personalize their education, through focused areas of study such as nutrition, physiology, genetics, biotechnology or animal management.

Our Faculty

Our esteemed faculty of researchers, scientists, and Alumni Distinguished Professors include specialists in all types of animal science. The faculty and staff are here to guide students in focused areas of study with experience in providing first-rate education in distance learning with the same level of quality NC State University students have come to know.

With a versatile blended learning program of online distance education and optional in-classroom instruction or laboratory research, an Animal Science Online Undergraduate Certificate or Graduate Degree is suitable for any learning need, style, or pace.

Our Blog

Visit this blog to stay up to date on these pioneering and first-of-their-kind programs in Animal Science, and learn how an online education from NC State University can benefit your career.

*Not available for students in the Animal Science program

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