NC State offers undergraduate and graduate Online and Distance Education courses in a wide variety of subject areas.


Designed for Optimum Schedule Flexibility

NC State offers undergraduate and graduate distance education courses in a wide variety of subject areas. Online courses are taught by the same professors who teach the subject on campus and in many cases they are the same classes that students on campus are taking.

Taking Distance Education Courses:

  • Most distance education courses are delivered online (with the exception of a small number that are specifically for on-site distance education programs);
  • Though providing flexibility, our distance education courses follow university semester and summer academic calendars; they are not self-paced;
  • Like all classes, distance education courses have seat limits. Check Class Search to make sure seats are available. Do so before submitting your application if you will be applying as a Non-Degree Studies (NDS) student;
  • When present, course prerequisites are enforced automatically. Non-Degree Studies (NDS) students, NC State does not have your course information from other institutions. Contact the course instructor to request a prerequisite waiver. If a waiver is not granted, you may have to send an unofficial copy of your transcript from another institution to the course instructor to confirm that you have the prerequisite;
  • Many courses are open to any student who meets course prerequisites; but some are restricted to students enrolled in the program offering the course; details are displayed in Class Search results;
  • The University Cashier’s Office sets policies and procedures regarding late fees, withdraw and drop deadlines, cancellations and refunds. See
  • See Explore Courses/Class Search for instructions and tips on searching for courses.

Basic Cost Information about Distance Education Courses:

  • Distance education courses are billed by the credit hour;
  • Tuition rates for students admitted to distance education programs are determined by their program (find your program of interest and view the Cost tab for details);
  • Non-Degree Studies (NDS) students pay standard DE rates;
  • Resident and non-resident rates depend on North Carolina residency;
  • Auditing or taking a course for credit-only is billed at the same rate as taking the course for credit and a grade.