Accommodations through the Disability Resource Office

Online and Distance Education Courses

The Disability Resource Office does not provide testing for Online and Distance Education courses. Instead, students will need to make arrangements with the DELTA Testing Center. Exams at the DELTA Testing Centers are by appointment only. You will not be able to schedule your appointment with your accommodations until your accommodations have been processed.

Appointments must be made 24 hours in advance.

Download and send a PDF copy of the Accommodation Letter via email to .  All documentation must be received 72 hours in advance to be able to schedule an appointment.

Once we have received your accommodation letter, we will send a confirmation email informing you that you can make your appointment.

Students Enrolled in On-Campus Courses

Students that have courses on Centennial Campus may schedule test proctoring through the DELTA Testing Center rather than commute to the DRO office on main campus. Additional space is available at the DELTA Testing Center on Centennial Campus when the DRO space is full.

Students must complete the Request Form at least 72 hours prior to any exam. Our office is responsible for a high volume of exams. We make reasonable efforts to process request forms in a timely manner as they are received.

About the Testing Centers

Each center is equipped to accommodate testing, per confirmation of the Disability Resource Office. You should confirm all accommodations (extended time, etc.) with your instructor at the beginning of the semester.

When scheduling your appointment, if you receive additional time, make sure you provide yourself adequate time to complete your exam. Be mindful of the Testing Center operating hours.

All of our testing rooms have been approved by DRO as meeting Separate/Reduced Distraction setting requirements.

If you receive an individual room accommodation, you must fill out the individual room request form for your tests at least one week in advance.

Ear plugs, noise reducing headphones and music are available to every student.