Testing Services 

Remote Locations

Contact:    919.513.1513 or 866.467.8283   |


If you live outside a 50-mile radius of campus, you have the option of taking an exam:

*Note: DELTA Testing only proctors for NC State University credit-based courses.  For other proctors in the area, please visit this link.



*This is not an exhaustive list and is ultimately up to your instructor’s discretion.

  • Local college or university
  • Professional testing center
  • Professional learning/tutoring center
  • Professor
  • Embassy education officer
  • Military base/station education officer
  • Overseas (military) non-commissioned officer in charge or officer in charge
  • Online proctoring service (ProctorU)

Pre-approved Site-Based Proctors

The map below shows the locations of proctors that are pre-approved. You are not required to use one of these proctors, but it may help expedite your request. Many proctors, including those on the pre-approved map, require appointments. Students should contact the proctor directly before submitting a request to our office. 

If your proctor is not listed on the map, select “other/please specify” within the form to manually enter their information. 

[Once you have chosen a proctor, please Submit a Request below. You can also check the status of a request.]

Submitting a Request

Make sure you have contacted your proposed proctor to schedule your appointment(s).

Please fill out the request with as much information as you can. Provide only professional contact information for a proctor, and list any additional information/extenuating circumstances in the “student notes” section.

Though you may submit a request for more than one proctor, you do not need to submit a request for every exam. Requests do, however, need to be submitted each semester, for each course you choose to take with a specific proctor.

ProctorU, is a live proctoring service that facilitates exams that are 100% online (no paper-based exams). You will need to submit a request for their service as you would for any other remote proctor. Keep in mind that not all courses allow the use of this service. For further information on this service, please visit our ProctorU FAQs page.

Request a Proctor      Check Status

What to Expect After Submitting a Request

Pre-approved proctors will automatically receive an agreement email from DELTA Testing Services after a request is submitted. The proposed proctor will then need to approve the request as well before exam materials are sent out.

Proctors that are not pre-approved must be vetted, and the process may take up to 3 days (or more) depending on the responsiveness of the proposed proctor.

No exam material will be sent to your proctor until your request is approved by DELTA and the proctor.

We strive to send out all materials 2-5 days prior to each test, but this is always subject to change as we may not receive materials that far in advance.

Please notify us of any accommodations or extensions you may receive.