Testing Services 

Standards and Guidelines for Proctors

The DELTA Testing Center certifies qualified individuals to proctor exams for students taking courses through Online and Distance Education at NC State University.

Proctor Responsibilities/Expectations

  • All proctor applicants must provide a professional email account and physical work address to verify their title.
  • Proctors cannot be relatives, friends, peers (including TA’s), coaches, K-12 institutions, or supervisors.
  • If an online exam requires a password, proctors must not share exam passwords with students. Proctors must request for student to turn away from the computer screen when passwords are entered.
  • If an online exam is password protected, proctors must be able to provide relative close and constant supervision within the same approved testing environment.
    • Proctors should not remotely administer exams using any VoIP or peer-to-peer voice service. No Skype, Google Hangouts, Jitsi, OoVoo, Goober, or any similar service is permitted.  
  • If the proctor is unable to fulfill the required duties, it is his/her responsibility to notify both the student and the DELTA Testing Center immediately. If possible, the proctor will find another qualified proctor in their location and suggest this proctor to the student.

Obtaining Test Materials

  • The proctor will receive exam materials 2-5 days prior to the opening of the exam window via email from, but this is always subject to change as we may not receive materials that far in advance.
  • The proctor should verify that the exam materials are available before the student’s scheduled appointment and contact us if there are any issues. The proctor will keep the exam confidential at all times.

Returning (Paper-Based) Test Materials

  • The proctor should complete forms and return exam materials according to instructions outlined in the email received from our server.

Issues During Exam(s)

If a suspected academic integrity violation occurs:

  • Please document the violation, providing screenshots, video, etc. if possible
  • Attempt to stop the behavior, but allow the student to finish their exam
  • Report the violation via our email