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Dr. Pratt-Phillips Covers Animal Science Online Student Expectations

We recently had the chance to sit down with Dr. Shannon Pratt-Phillips, Associate Professor in the Department of Animal Science, to chat about the Department’s online programs and learn more about Animal Science online student expectations.

What types of students enroll in the distance education Animal Science programs?
SPP: Our programs are competitive, so we generally accept exceptional students who have academic achievements or involvement in extracurricular activities related to Animal Science and want to strengthen their knowledge in this area through additional coursework. The most successful students have been self-motivated, naturally curious and driven, with an extensive interest in Animal Science.

Why do you ask for those specific prerequisites and backgrounds?
SPP: The Animal Science programs are rigorous and we want all of our students to succeed. It benefits all students if we can create a cohesive starting point from which we can build the program and instruction together towards achieving the common goal of earning a degree or certificate.

Why did you initially develop these programs?
SPP: The Animal Science online degree and certificate programs were developed to support a larger demographic of students with time and schedule constraints or other limitations that kept them from enrolling in a traditional program. As technology develops, we are finding it to be easier to keep a fluidity between on-campus programs and distance education, with no loss in quality of education. With the distance program, we’re able to admit more students with high qualifications and desire to study Animal Science who may otherwise have been forced to seek out other options.

What kind of research or study is going on within the Animal Science department?
SPP: Research is ongoing in the areas of genetics and genomics, nutrition, physiology, production management, biotechnology, and animal well-being.

What can students expect in terms of how the classes are taught?
SPP: Students should expect the same dynamic and quality of classes as their full time on-campus counterparts. NC State University strives to give students the best opportunities possible, and this includes the distance education programs. Students should expect rigorous course material accompanied by opportunities for collaborative learning and research, and the ability to form course study to their specific individualized interests.

What do you hope to accomplish with the program, and where do you see it going?
SPP: We hope in the future that these programs will become more accessible to a larger group of students, potentially by offering more courses within the Animal Science department or an even more flexible schedule. We continue to focus on increasing the number of students enrolled and on accepting students from all over the world. Through these programs, we can effectively continue to develop a strong workforce in the animal science disciplines, and learn and discover more through research.

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