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How to Become a Board Certified Coach or a Certified Family Life Educator

Is your passion educating families or parents? Want to enter the field of youth or family coaching? Chances are you know about becoming a Board Certified Coach or a Certified Family Life Educator, but did you know that NC State offers the opportunity to earn one or both of those certifications while earning a Master’s degree in Youth, Family and Community Sciences?

In this month’s Youth, Family, and Community Sciences Online Blog, we look at how you can earn your certification as a Board Certified Coach (BCC) and how NC State can help. In our May blog post, we will feature information about our program pathway for students wanting to become Certified Family Life Educators.

Board Certified Coach: How to Earn Your Certification

So, what is a Board Certified Coach (BCC) and why would you want to become one? Essentially, this certification elevates your professional status by demonstrating your competency in the field as well as your commitment to staying up-to-date on current practices. Once you have completed your education, spent time in the field logging coaching hours and received a professional’s endorsement, you can apply to take the BCC examination.

The exam seeks to score your competencies in these areas: Screening and Orientation in Coaching; Fundamental Coaching Skills; Assessments in Coaching; Coaching Approaches for Individuals; Coaching Approaches for Business and Organizations; and Ethical and Professional Practice in Coaching. Among completing the other requirements, the fee for the application review is $279, and $40 is applied as an annual maintenance fee for keeping your certificate active. Earning BCC status furthers your career and opens work opportunities in family coaching.

NC State offers three courses to become a Board Certified Coach, all approved by the Center for Credentialing & Education (CCE). The three courses are (1) Family Life Coaching Accelerated Course; (2) YFCS 545 Family Communication and Coaching; and (3) YFCS 547 Family Life Coaching. While there are several requirements for earning BCC status, the required training courses—a large requirement only offered by a limited number of schools—can all be completed through NC State Online and Distance Education.

Prepare for Your Certifications Through NC State

As you can see, studying through NC State YFCS online programs greatly increases your ability to obtain certifications in the family and community science fields. If your goal is to become a Board Certified Coach, you can feel confident that NC State will not only prepare you to achieve this goal, but also deliver guidance on the process of becoming certified.