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NC State Alumnus Discusses Online Learning Experience

We recently spoke with new NC State alumnus  Donta’ Fairey to talk about his NC State Online and Distance Education experience. The Orangeburg, South Carolina, native lives in St. Louis, Missouri, and works as a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) manager for Joseph C. Sansone Company. He graduated Dec. 15, 2017, with an online master’s degree in geospatial information science and technology from NC State’s College of Natural Resources.

Q: Why did you select NC State Online and Distance Education to earn your master’s degree?

A: Career advancement, quality of curriculum, world-class faculty and staff, flexibility with schedule and the ability to complete a degree from any location. The flexibility to learn at my own pace from any location was a great fit for me.

Q: Explain the process of how you balance work with school.

A: I implemented a daily routine of having dedicated study times. This included studying two hours before and after work. The first two hours are focused on assigned readings and the last two are for review and homework assignments as needed. Doing this daily provided the perfect balance for me because I could reflect on what I learned throughout the day without worrying about getting behind.

Donta’ Fairey worked with the North Carolina Housing Coalition for his Mapping North Carolina’s Affordable Housing Need capstone project.

Q: What was your favorite online course and why does it stand out?

A: GIS 550: Geospatial Data Structures and Web Services was my favorite course because it was well organized and it had the most relevance to my daily routine as a GIS professional. I gained valuable insight in enterprise GIS best practices and web application development.

Q: How do you see your online master’s degree helping you in your career?

A: I would highly recommend NC State Online and Distance Education programs to anyone who is seeking a world-class education. The instructors are well versed in effectively delivering lessons in a clear and concise manner using the latest classroom technology. They are genuinely passionate about each student’s individual success.