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Now Hiring: Careers in Animal Science

Often the dilemma with choosing your path in higher education is choosing a program that will help you reach your professional goals. What career do you wish to have upon graduation? What jobs are available? How do you find something that fulfills your passions and interests while building off your knowledge and education? For students in the Animal Science online programs at NC State, the jobs available after graduation are varied and plentiful. This month, we’ll take a look at some careers in animal science, learning more about how the Animal Science online programs can prepare students for roles as managers, specialists and scientists.


Graduates from the Master of Animal Science program will have many different opportunities for management roles or roles that require a high level of responsibility. For example, ABS Global, “a world-leading provider of bovine genetics, and reproductive services, technologies and udder care products” is hiring a District Account Manager on In this position, animal scientists can utilize their education and knowledge base to help customers determine the best strategies for genetics and reproduction. This type of role is especially great for a graduate who not only wants to be involved in animal science solutions, but who want to build relationships and specialize in customer and technical services.


Another example of a position which a NC State graduate will be well primed for is at Purina Animal Nutrition LLC. This well-known company is seeking a nutrition specialist to help milk producers optimize their output from cows. The main goal of the role is to help producers find the best diets for lactating cows to maximize profitability, so a specialist must have a great depth of knowledge in nutrition and farm animal science, specifically with bovine and livestock science. This consultative role requires the specialist to be a problem solver and an analytical thinker.


Zoetis, a global animal health company, has a position open for a Sr. Associate Scientist. This scientist will work with veterinarians, toxicologists and pathologists to support operational needs of toxicology and target animal safety programs, working with a range of projects from early discovery through full development and post-approval for both large and small molecules across therapeutic areas and across species. The Master in Animal Science online program at NC State will prepare you specifically for positions like this one where a master’s degree with 1-3 years of experience in a biological science area, veterinary or livestock industry or research experience in an academic institution or the pharmaceutical industry is one of the mentioned minimum skills.

How the Master of Animal Science Prepares You for These Jobs and More

The Master in Animal Science online program at NC State prepares students for each of these kinds of roles because of the material covered, assignments completed by students and the overall skills that students will acquire through participating in the online program. Most real-world applications from the online programs come from the skills that students will hone, such as time management and organization, communication, study, self-discipline and problem solving. This is all, of course, in addition to the comprehensive education that students receive. Also crucial to success beyond higher education is the research and project management skills that students may obtain through certain course study and project completion.

Students who are looking for a degree that will prepare them for an advanced career in animal science should look no further than NC State’s online graduate program. Our Master of Animal Science is designed to help students gain the skills and knowledge necessary for fulfilling careers beyond college. With options for study in the areas of nutrition, genomics, microbiology, and business and management, students gain a full comprehension of animal science fields before graduation. Learn how to get started on your degree here.

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