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On the Fast Track to Career Success

Brian Handelsman has always strived for a career in renewable energy. So instead of inching toward his goal, he decided to take a fast track with the online Graduate Certificate in Renewable Energy Assessment and Development.  

A lifelong fan of NC State, Handelsman attended the university for his undergraduate studies in environmental technology and management with a minor in renewable energy assessment. After graduating, he got a job at Moxie Solar in Raleigh.

“I have always loved NC State and believe that NC State really cares about the environment,  and I can feel that in these programs,” he says.

Now the graduate certificate is propelling him even further.

Handelsman joined the program in the hope of advancing his career. Since then, he’s not only learned a lot –– he’s also been promoted.

“I have learned an unbelievable amount about the industry and the policies involved in renewables. I also have learned an amazing amount about battery storage, which has grown my work life and knowledge beyond anything I could have imagined.”

Throughout his time in the program, Handelsman has been taking two courses at a time. After his promotion, juggling his priorities got more challenging.

“I now manage a team of four while also consulting and taking courses, and it is very hard, but being able to do it remotely, on my own time and having a professor that understands time management and is there to help have made it doable!”

Handelsman especially appreciates the work of Program Coordinator Lyra Rakusin and Lecturer Linda Taylor to make the program’s courses engaging and impactful.  

“Lyra Rakusin is an amazing professor. I have learned so much that has advanced my career, and this field of study created the opportunity for me to get promoted at work … It has already grown my experience tremendously and has already gotten me promoted, and it will continue to work in my favor as I move up in the solar industry.”

For others considering advancing their education and career, Handelsman recommends going full-steam ahead.

“I believe you should always work to further your education when you can. This program is absolutely manageable while working, and education is the most important part of life if you want to exceed expectations. Just put your head down and get it done and it will benefit you in the future.”

Wherever he goes in his career, Handelsman will keep the Wolfpack close to his heart.

“Thank you, NC State.”