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Committed to providing exceptional management education, our professional MBA is an excellent fit for working professionals looking for face-to-face classes that can accommodate busy schedules. Choose from classes at either our Raleigh main campus or our Research Triangle Park (RTP) location.

The Jenkins Professional Evening MBA Experience 

You may wonder what to expect from the Jenkins Professional Evening MBA (MBA@RTP) program. How will you balance the MBA with your home and work life? What will be your return on investment?

See how Stephanie Truzo, chief creative officer at PointSource, found success through the Jenkins MBA:

This AACSB International-accredited part-time program features the same award-winning faculty, innovative curriculum and limited class sizes as our full-time program, but on a more flexible timeframe.

Students can select between two tracks:

  • Accelerated: Complete in as little as 21 months (including some weekend and/or international courses)
  • Flexible: Complete at your own pace within 6 years

Courses are offered on weekdays from either 6:00 p.m. to 8:50 p.m. during the Fall and Spring semesters and 6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. during the summer semester. Courses in the Fall and Spring semesters typically meet once a week and twice a week during the summer. During the application process, you’ll choose between our two locations, Main Campus (Raleigh, NC) and Research Triangle Park.

Professional Evening MBA students will complete two mandatory 3-day residency courses on NC State’s Main Campus. Active duty military may substitute this residency requirement and replace with another elective course.

Class size is restricted to ensure opportunities to exchange ideas and learn from both students and faculty. Typically, you will spend two to three hours studying for every hour that you’re in the classroom.

The knowledge and skills you will acquire as a Professional MBA student can have an immediate impact on your own work – often applicable the day you learn it – and can open new doors for career advancement.


Admission to the MBA program is highly competitive. Successful applicants demonstrate:

  • Strong intellectual performance and academic promise, evidenced by previous undergraduate and graduate work;
  • An employment history demonstrating management potential through full-time work, volunteer, or military experiences;
  • Leadership skills, maturity, creativity, initiative and teamwork orientation;
  • A desire and willingness to learn about technology and the management challenges it creates.

Please be aware that admissions decisions are based on a combination of the factors outlined above.

Prerequisites for admission:

  • A bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university;
  • One course in statistics prior to matriculation with a grade of C or higher;
  • Professional employment; two years of full-time, post-baccalaureate professional employment.

Students are admitted to the program twice a year, for Fall and Spring semesters. An application check of required materials, upcoming admission deadlines, and events is available on the MBA Admissions webpage

For more information on application deadlines, please click here to visit the program website.


The Professional Evening MBA program (MBA@RTP) requires 40 credits. At 2020-21 tuition rates, the cost of the required courses is $1,154 per credit for North Carolina residents and $2,027 per credit for non-residents. Thus, the total estimated cost for the program is $46,160 for North Carolina residents and $81,080 for non-residents. See Online and Distance Education Tuition and Fees for cost details.

Plan of Study

The Professional Evening MBA curriculum requirements outlined below are effective for all students entering the Professional Evening or Online MBA programs in Fall 2016 or later.

Core Courses 

Core courses are organized into three blocks to maximize faculty collaboration and the application of foundational business concepts:

  • Finance and Markets
  • Analyzing the Value Chain
  • Managing the Organization

The Core is comprised of 19 credit hours, which includes a required 1-hour course in Critical Thinking/Ethics.

Depth Requirement

Professional Evening MBA students are required to complete a Depth Requirement in one of six areas - biosciences management, financial management, innovation management, marketing management, supply chain management, entrepreneurship and technology commercialization.

The depth requirement is comprised of 6 hours of study in an area. One-credit hour courses may not count toward the depth requirement.

Experiential Learning

All students must complete a practicum course, providing a real business challenge. Practicum courses are typically 3- or 4-credit hours.

Analytical and Quantitative Skills 

All students will complete at least one advanced 3-hour quantitative course to ensure Jenkins MBA graduates master a level of analytical and quantitative skill demanded by industry.

The list of courses that satisfy this requirement will be posted shortly. A qualifying course may count toward both the depth requirement and the analytical requirement.

Raleigh Residencies

Professional Evening MBA students complete two three-day residencies over the course of the program (Raleigh, NC) to enhance networking and enable hands-on leadership development. The first residency is completed during the first semester enrolled in the program. Active duty military may substitute this residency requirement with elective courses.

Elective Courses 

Professional Evening MBA students will select from a wide variety of elective courses to round out their Jenkins MBA education. Students will typically complete 9 credit hours of elective courses — above and beyond the depth, practicum and analytical requirements —  providing both a depth of knowledge and a broad understanding of general strategic business management.

Please note: The course descriptions document linked below should be used for reference only, as it will undergo significant changes — including course numbers, names and credit hours — over the coming months. We will post updates as quickly as we can.

Career Prospects

The MBA@RTP program is the only program of its kind in North Carolina. With its technology focus and proximity to, and relationships with, Research Triangle Park businesses, the program is continually growing in quality, recognition, and relevance to the global workplace. It provides students with the knowledge, experience, and tools needed for career growth. Graduates from our program have an exceptional placement history with companies throughout the world. This success is attributed to the comprehensive and experiential academic program we offer, our strong relationships with leading global businesses, and the efforts of our career resources team that helps students connect and network with recruiters and local, regional, and multinational businesses.

Ted Mosler, chief technical officer and founder of Gilero Biomedical, realized his entrepreneurial dreams with the help of the Jenkins MBA

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