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Youth, Family, and Community Sciences




How much of the coursework is offered by distance education?

I am really worried about taking the GRE! Any help?

What are your minimum scores for admission?

Is there any way around the minimum scores?

Can I take a course to try out the program before I apply?

Can I still apply even if my undergraduate degree is in an unrelated field?

What is required in my personal statement?

What is the deadline for submitting applications?

Do I have to be accepted before I can start taking classes?

How long before I hear whether or not I’m accepted?

Can I start courses any time?

If I have specific questions not answered in this FAQ or anywhere on the YFCS website for prospective students, who may I contact for additional information?

Financial Aid And Tuition

How much is tuition? Can I get a refund if I decide to stop?

How much does it cost to take classes?

How do I pay for graduate school?

Do you offer a payment plan for tuition?

Master's Degree Programs

What is the difference between the (YFCS) graduate certificates and the (YFCS) master’s degree?

What is the difference between a master’s of science (MS) and a master’s degree (non-thesis)?

How long does it take to complete the master’s degree?

How do I apply to an online master's degree program?

Coaching Programs

What kinds of coach training programs are available?

What is a family coach?

What does a family coach do?

How does family coaching work?

What kind of issues do family coaches address?

General Program And Delivery Information

What is the academic program like?

Can I live anywhere and be a student at NC State?

I work full time. Will this program work for me?

Is there a chance to be on campus?

What kind of jobs do graduates have?

Current Student Information

Can I work for a professor?

Do I need to be online at a specific time?

How do I register for classes?

How do I find out about important dates like when to register and when classes begin and end?

How do I find additional important dates in the academic calendar?

What is Moodle?

What is MyPack Portal?

What if I can’t attend a synchronous meeting?

How is Zoom Web Conferencing used in the classroom?

How can I get help if I am having trouble in a course?


How do I apply for CFLE certification?

Do I have to take the CFLE Exam?

Where do I find the application?