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Mechatronics Engineering - Asheville

Entrance Exam: Not Required

Individuals in western North Carolina can complete an entire four-year Bachelor of Science degree program in Asheville, NC. The Mechatronics Engineering program is a joint degree with the University of North Carolina at Asheville.

Mechatronics engineering is a concentration which blends mechanical, electrical and computer engineering for the precision control of electromechanical systems. Control is achieved in today’s engineering systems through the use of sensors, actuators and microprocessors. The marriage of modern control systems with mechanical devices is key to the design and development of high-performance engineering systems. Just a few examples of computer-controlled mechanical systems are robots, engine fuel systems, hybrid automobiles, autonomous aerospace vehicles, stair-climbing wheelchairs and alternative power generation systems. Mechatronics engineering opens new avenues of creativity and design, greatly enhancing the utility, performance and efficiency of modern machinery.

The joint mechatronics engineering curriculum combines the best offerings from two nationally recognized universities. North Carolina State University provides the engineering course work from the Departments of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) and Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE). Hands-on laboratories integral to engineering course work are present throughout the curriculum. From the University of North Carolina at Asheville comes a general education component grounded in a rich liberal arts foundation.

The JEM degree is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET.

Students interested in this unique Joint Mechatronics Engineering (JEM) program must first apply for admission to UNC-Asheville and designate the mechatronics engineering program as their major or area of study.

Fast Facts

  • The JEM degree is a four-year program administered entirely on the campus of UNC Asheville.
  • Scholarships are available.
  • Completion of the program leads to a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree with a Mechatronics Concentration.
  • The JEM degree is a joint degree whereby students take NC State University course work and UNC Asheville course work, all on the UNC Asheville campus.
  • Some NC State University course work is taught by NC State University faculty residing on the UNC Asheville campus, while other NC State University course work is delivered to UNC Asheville via live distance education technology.
  • Students who complete the program receive a diploma that reflects both UNC Asheville and NC State University as granting institutions.

This program may lead to Professional Licensure.


Prospective students should apply to UNC Asheville and express an interest in engineering. Upon completion of the freshman-year curriculum with a 3.0 GPA or better, students will be admitted to the Joint Engineering Mechatronics (JEM) Degree program. Transfer credits from other universities, majors and community colleges are accepted.

Plan of Study

This degree program combines both live, on-site classes taught by UNC-Asheville and NC State faculty and engineering classes delivered synchrononously from Raleigh. Local labs are taught and facilitated by NC State personnel. A full-time student can complete this B.S. degree in four years.

Career Prospects

Mechatronic devices or "smart" devices have become common in our technologically advanced society. Mechatronics engineers can work in any company that develops, designs or manufactures and markets "smart" devices. Opportunities exist in manufacturing, sales as well as research. Mechatronic devices have crept into everyday life.

Examples include:

  • Robots
  • Anti-lock brakes
    • A sophisticated control system takes over the braking function when the sensors recognize one or more wheels are locking up.
  • Photocopiers
  • Computer disk drives
  • Humidity sensitive clothes dryers and windshield wipers
    • How do these devices "know" if clothes are still damp or drizzle is hitting the windshield? Sensors, that's how.

Mechatronic devices can be found in medicine and surgery, agriculture, buildings, homes, automobiles, the toy and entertainment industry, intelligent aids for the elderly and disabled.