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Online and Distance Education offers students across the state and beyond access to NC State’s world-leading faculty. These experts work at the forefront of interdisciplinary innovation, and they teach in the classroom and online. NC State faculty provide premier, research-driven content so students emerge as highly competitive in their field.

Meet Some of Our Outstanding Faculty Members

The Cathedral
Dr. Anna Howard, Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Her philosophy of teaching is inspired by a Rodin sculpture of two right hands making a cathedral. “You cannot do it by yourself. It takes collaboration,” says Howard. Akin to the way she was led from math education into aerospace engineering, Howard enjoys wrapping her brain around the math of the discipline. Her inquisitive nature and determination to work with students until they have an “aha!” moment keeps Howard motivated to bring collaboration to her classroom…like the cathedral.

The Shy Kid in the Corner
Dr. Clint Stevenson, Department of Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Science

Growing up in the country and living on a farm, Stevenson was drawn to the Future Farmers of America (FFA) in high school. FFA honed his leadership skills and instilled passion for working with people. He was drawn to manufacturing from his first internship as a college student in food quality assurance. Part of Stevenson’s mission, having worked in the industry, is to provide classes to those students who need flexible access.

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