Our Colleges

NC State is the largest university in North Carolina. It’s a pre-eminent research enterprise where undergraduate and graduate students learn from world-leading faculty.

Many of our strengths lie in fields that solve global problems and shape local economies. We have programs in engineering, business administration, statistics and veterinary medicine that are among the best in the country. And we’re a leader in emerging fields, such as analytics, nanotechnology, biotechnology and biomedical engineering.

We also provide a high-quality education in the humanities and social sciences, plant and animal life sciences, management, education, natural resources, and the physical, chemical, mathematical, statistical, biological and earth-system sciences.

Agriculture and Life Sciences

At a Method Road greenhouse, Dr. Gabe Gusmini (right), of PepsiCo, reviews NC State stevia research with plant breeder Dr. Todd Wehner.

Improving Quality of Life

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences discovers, teaches and applies knowledge to disciplines that effect safe, affordable supplies of food and fiber, a cleaner environment and better health for people and animals. 

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Design student works on project in her Brook Hall studio.

Shaping the World

NC State’s College of Design has a long and distinguished record of producing skilled professionals in design-related disciplines. Its goal is to develop the student-designer’s perception, knowledge, skills and problem-solving abilities. 

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College of education student gives a presentation

High-Tech, High-Touch Learning

The College of Education prepares teachers, administrators, counselors, researchers and analysts for careers in education from K-12 to postsecondary. It emphasizes global cultural awareness and the use of technology for enhanced learning.

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An undergraduate student works in the constructed facilities lab on campus.

Defining Tomorrow

NC State’s College of Engineering ranks among the best in the nation in innovation, research and the number of undergraduate and graduate degrees awarded across traditional and cutting-edge engineering disciplines.

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Humanities and Social Sciences

The Virtual MLK project will allow a modern audience to relive history at the Hunt Library.

Leaders for Tomorrow — and Today

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences provides education, research and extension services in traditional humanities fields including literature, communications and political science. The college also focuses on public policy, global perspectives and other rapidly emerging disciplines such as rhetoric, film studies and digital media.

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Students conduct business at the Hunt Library.


NC State’s Poole College of Management emphasizes innovation management and the commercialization of technology. Its accounting, business management and economics programs are global in scope, and the college often participates in the initiatives of other NC State departments, giving students the opportunity to resolve real-world challenges while putting theory into practice.

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Natural Resources

Dr. Anne Margaret Barham works with a student at a Lake Wheeler facility.

Hands-On and Future-Focused

The College of Natural Resources (CNR) is a world leader in the use and conservation of renewable resources and is recognized by many as a leading educator and researcher in forestry, environmental sciences, wood, paper, pulp, parks, recreation and tourism. CNR believes that nurturing the environment and engineering sustainable products go hand in hand with helping communities and enterprises thrive.

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Marine Earth And Atmospheric Sciences Research Asstant Professor Dan Ksepka works with paleontology students at the NC Museum of Life Sciences.

Harnessing Convergence, Promoting Discovery

The College of Sciences is home to the physical and chemical sciences, the mathematical and statistical sciences, the biological sciences and the earth-system sciences. With departments and faculty members ranked among the nation’s best in their fields, the college’s focus on multidisciplinary collaboration builds a foundation of experience that prepares students for the real world.

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College of Textiles student and research faculty member work on a weaving project in a textiles lab.

Global Leader in Textile Education and Innovation

The College of Textiles is the world’s leading program for textile education. Areas of study range from traditional manufacturing to medical textiles, nonwovens, marketing and supply chain management.

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