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What to Expect: Online Statistics Courses

This month we’re diving deeper into the courses available for study to learn more about what students should expect from the program. This information is especially useful for those who have never before taken an online course and are unsure of the structure or requirement.

Whether you are pursuing the Online Statistics Master’s Degree or the Graduate Certificate, you have access to the same world class courses that NC State has to offer.

The Online Statistics Graduate Certificate requires students to complete four courses in Applied Statistics and Data Management or Statistics Education with a GPA of 3.0 or better. Students in the certificate program will be enrolled in these classes with other online graduate masters students, enhancing both programs’ overall collaborative experience.

The Online Master’s degree requires students to complete 21 credit hours of specified study, with 9 credit hours of chosen electives in a number of different areas of interest.

Courses for both the Graduate Certificate and Degree are comprised of fundamentals of statistical analysis and study, but students are able to personalize their programs through the range of choices in online classes. The freedom of choosing a personalized curriculum allows students to pursue a certificate or degree in a concentration that most interests them. Additionally, study can be completed at a pace that is suitable to your needs due to the flexibility of not needing to make a full-time commitment.

Both online programs allow students to choose to study statistics methods and programming and applications in behavioral science. Graduate degree students can also choose to study applications in management or biological sciences. Students interested in pursuing careers in education, or who are looking to enhance their current teaching professions, can opt to take courses in teaching and learning statistics or technology in statistics education.

Online students will have access to the large array of resources available to all NC State students to help in their course study and assignments. Distance education at NC State is designed for students to reap the benefits of a more comfortable learning environment — meaning the ability to complete lessons and assignments from wherever is convenient to them.

The Statistics Online programs also offer students the ability to participate in an environment that may be more comfortable to them. Students who are typically shy or quiet in a classroom setting often feel more comfortable in contributing to a lesson or discussion when doing so from their online portal. In this way, a strong foundation for collaborative learning and shared experiences is created.

Participating in the online programs can help students with their technical skills, though students who have never taken an online course before shouldn’t feel intimidated. The online programs have been created with usability and functionality in mind so students of varying technical backgrounds can access the programs easily.

With all the benefits of distance education, students interested in pursuing an Online Statistics Master’s Degree or Graduate Certificate can expect a vigorous and rewarding curriculum that suits any kind of schedule or learning need. Whether you are looking to earn a master’s degree at your own pace or to enhance your prior education or work experience with a certificate, the online graduate programs are a great option for all students who are passionate about statistics.

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