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How to be Successful in Your Online Program

NC State Online and Distance Education programs are as rigorous as on-campus programs. Students are expected to participate in class discussions and turn in assignments on time, despite having a busy work schedule. It’s important for online students to set themselves up for success. Here are a few tips from current and former NC State Online and Distance Education students.

Find Your Rhythm

Not every student is the same. What works for one student may not work for another. For example, determining whether to complete a program quickly or take a little extra time to ensure success.

Online Master of Textiles graduate student Hanna Chong realized balancing work and school was a lot more difficult than she first thought. For her, it was a little more difficult balancing work with two courses a semester, so she switched to one course each semester. However Jessica Whalen, enrolled in the same program as Chong, found that two courses a semester was ideal for her.

Manage Your Time

One thing we hear from many online students is the importance of managing your time. Work and a social life can sometimes get in the way of completing coursework, so current and former students recommend paying attention to deadlines, understand the syllabus and maintain contact with your professors.

Some students also suggest creating a calendar for yourself at the beginning of each semester. This will allow you to manage social events, work assignments plus coursework.

Establish Rapport with Faculty/Classmates

Many students have shared that building relationships and rapport with instructors and classmates was extremely important with their success in the program. Remember, the faculty are here for you and want you to succeed as much as you want to succeed yourself. Some instructors have proven to be advocates and resources for their former students after they’ve graduated. Some faculty have been known to write recommendation letters for students entering the workforce or advancing their career. Students have sometimes asked their former instructors to collaborate on certain work projects.

Final Takeaway

Your success is up to you. What works for one student may not work for you, so find your rhythm and stick to it. Explore NC State’s online programs and see which one is right for you.