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Study Tips for Acing Your Exams

Finals are here! We’ve compiled a few study tips to help you prepare. 

From maintaining a consistent schedule to making sure you take study breaks, these tips can help you ace your exams:

  • Set up a study schedule and stick to it.
    • Try not to let time get away from you. You’ll need to be disciplined and well-organized to stick to your schedule. Use your Google calendar to set notifications to keep you on track.
  • Meet online with classmates to help each other study
    • You can meet online in Google Meet or Zoom and help each other with challenging work. You can also encourage each other to stay on track and stick it out when the going gets tough.
  • Find a dedicated workspace.
    • Your physical workspace is important — not just in terms of having access to your computer and enough space to take notes — but also in terms of minimizing distractions and creating separate spaces for work, sleep and other activities. Working in front of the TV or in an area where you’re likely to be distracted or interrupted decreases your productivity.
  • Build-in breaks.
    • Get up and move once every hour. Even if you’re just walking up and down your hallway. 
    • Build-in 5-minute phone breaks. If you have them planned then you’re less likely to get distracted and check your phone in the middle of your work. 
    • Learn more about why taking breaks is critical for learning here, and check out the Pomodoro method to help stay focused. 
  • Create a reward system to make work productive.
    • For example, tell yourself that you can only check your phone once you have completed one study guide. Or, have a snack between assignments. This will keep your focus on taskt and make you work more efficiently. (And this kind of reward system also helps you build in breaks!)
  • Don’t be afraid to reach out when you need help
    • Don’t be hesitant to reach out to your instructor, classmates or friends. If you’ve tried to understand something on your own and need help, ask!
  • Figure out how you learn best.
    • Study tactics for one person may not work for another. Figure out what works for you! 

Study tips compiled from Tips for Students to Prepare for Online Learning and Tips for Success in Your Online Courses