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Online Graduate Student Expands Her Skills in the MAC Program

Sheila Ogaye portrait outside.

Sheila Ogaye enrolled in the Jenkins Master of Accounting (MAC) online program with a concentration in enterprise risk management (ERM) in the spring of 2020, and since then, she has made her experience worthwhile.

Ogaye attended South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU) and Saint Augustine’s University before beginning her studies at NC State.

“My experiences from the two universities were very crucial in getting me where I am now,” she says. “SEKU gave me the foundation to further my studies in the U.S. Saint Augustine’s University equally built my accounting foundation and prepared me well for the American corporate world.”

At Saint Augustine’s University, Ogaye was even able to meet an NC State MAC program alum — her professor Evangeline Brodie.

Ogaye’s inspiration for pursuing her degree in the online program was to have the flexibility to work while furthering her education.

“I was also admitted to the NC State MBA program on campus, and it was a very tough decision to make between the two programs. However, the MAC program resonated with my immediate goals then,” she says. “Even better, the MAC program offered me a great scholarship opportunity that has been really fundamental in continuing with the program.”

Ogaye has a great appreciation for the program and the faculty who helped her along the way.

“The courses are relevant and up-to-date. The professors are great and resourceful, and I enjoy interacting with students from diverse backgrounds,” she says.

Ogaye says she is grateful for Director of Master of Accounting Program Scott Showalter, Professor of Enterprise Risk Management Mark Beasely, Lecturer Ericka Kranitz and Department Head Kathy Krawczyk for their guidance.

“The entire program and faculty are great,” she says.

The courses Ogaye took in the program have greatly improved her understanding of ERM.

“I have specifically enjoyed my ERM classes. As a concentration, I feel confident that I will be able to apply so much of it to the job market and become an absolute expert in that field,” she says.

Ogaye has already put her knowledge to work. She currently works as an audit assistant for Deloitte’s Audit and Assurance services in New York.

“I love that I am able to analyze financial risks and provide our clients with both qualitative and quantitative information to help them make informed decisions,” she says. “As an ERM student, I see myself exploring the risk field further in the future.”

Ogaye is co-founder and director of Be Part of Their Story
Ogaye is co-founder and director of Be Part of Their Story.

She has also dedicated a great deal of time to volunteering and organizing Be Part of Their Story, an independent charity organization dedicated to sharing the stories of children in Africa.

“As a co-founder and director, I have learned so much in running the organization, and I hope to pursue the long term goals for the organization in the near future, which is to build children homes in developing countries. I believe that it is in giving that we do receive,” she says.

Balancing school and work has not always been easy, but Ogaye believes it is worth it.

“I plan myself accordingly to switch between work, school and family. It takes a lot of self-discipline,” she says.

Ogaye encourages professionals to enroll in a master’s program.

“Do it when you can,” she says. “Not only will you be investing in yourself but also leveraging your value in the competitive job markets. Learning never stops really.”

She plans to continue inspiring and encouraging others to further their education at NC State.

“I look forward to being a great ambassador out there for the university,” she says.

This post was originally published in DELTA News.