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Mindy Cine, Internal Auditor at PNC Bank

Get to know Mindy


Program: Master of Management, Risk and Analytics (MRA)
Start date: August 2023
Anticipated graduation date:
December 2025
Current location: Raleigh, NC

Life before Jenkins

Work experience: 1.5 years 
Industry: Finance
Role: Internal Auditor at PNC Bank
Undergraduate education: Florida A&M University, B.S. in Accounting 

Career goals

Cine would like to move into a position focused on credit risk and/or compliance. “I find the process of analyzing risk and understanding the laws and regulations behind what goes on in a bank extremely fascinating, so I would like to push for a senior audit position in either the credit or compliance sections,” she says. Down the road, Cine is also interested in becoming an independent consultant for business owners under the finance umbrella. “I’ve met a lot of people who desire to become entrepreneurs, and while many have great ideas, they do not quite understand the logistics that go into them. I like helping people, so I want to help them understand every potential risk and how it can be mitigated.”

Why Jenkins? 

Cine stumbled across the MRA program at NC State while researching graduate programs. “It was like finding the golden ticket in a chocolate bar. What caught my eye about the program was how different and unique it was compared to other programs. Having done an undergraduate degree in accounting, an MBA felt too broad for what I wanted to achieve – and I didn’t foresee myself heading towards the CPA route, which eliminated the MAC program. For me, the MRA program helps me target what I want to achieve in my current position with PNC, as well as some of the in-demand analytics skills for new candidates.”

What makes it great

Cine appreciates the flexibility of the MRA program’s online format, as well as the opportunity to network with staff, faculty and students with diverse personal and professional backgrounds. Jumping into a master’s program as a full-time working professional was a bit daunting at first, she says, but joining a supportive community has made the adjustment easier. “Staff and faculty members like Allison Anthony and Ericka Kranitz have made the entire experience extremely welcoming,” Cine explains.

Career impact 

Just a few months into the program, Cine has already seen the value that the MRA program adds, and she looks forward to seeing the impact it continues to make on her career. In particular, she has appreciated the opportunity to broaden her understanding of risk by gaining exposure to real-world practice and digging deeper into high-impact events that occurred within the financial industry. “Gaining that understanding of why something happened – rather than simply having knowledge that it happened – has made the biggest impact on me thus far,” she says.

Final thoughts

According to Cine, the MRA program is a great investment for professionals in a wide variety of fields. “With analytics becoming a major advantage to have in any industry, a program that can teach you and help apply it to the real world is amazing,” she says. “My advice to future students would be to pace yourself. At the end of the day, we’re all running our own race so there’s no need to rush.”

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