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Faculty Spotlight: Rishika Rishika

Rishika Rishika joined the Poole College of Management in 2018 because of a shared passion and focus on data analytics.

“As the world generates more data by the second, the need of the moment is to invest in students and learning that not only advances data analytics but also builds a network of individuals passionate about advocating for and employing data-driven solutions,” says Rishika. 

And NC State is doing exactly that. Through the online Master of Management, Marketing Analytics concentration (MMA), students are exposed to a variety of key issues and techniques in marketing that bring them out of their comfort zone and encourage them to think deeply and creatively. 

“NC State has been a leader in data analytics and data science methods, and with Poole College investing in new programs related to data analytics — I feel excited and inspired to be a part of this journey,” says Rishika.  

For the MMA program, Rishika serves as the program director and teaches a marketing analytics course focused on key data analytic techniques widely used in marketing such as regression analysis, conjoint analysis, cluster analysis and field experiments that can be leveraged to tackle various marketing problems and issues. 

By learning important statistics software such as SAS, students gain highly applicable experience working with data to understand returns on investment in marketing, developing new products, and creating and assessing the impact of marketing campaigns and strategies.

In addition to her role with the MMA program, Rishika is active in research surrounding social media marketing and emerging technologies.

“Our students think deeply about data and invest in understanding how data analytics can be used to solve important marketing and business problems,” says Rishika. “A healthy balance is key to learning, which is what the program strives to provide, as well as empowering students with the relevant skills and knowledge they need to be successful in their respective careers.” 

With an innovative curriculum, the MMA program prepares students to become leaders in their fields — complete with the marketing and data analytics skills they need to be successful. The fully online program also allows students the flexibility to learn at their own pace and where they are most comfortable. 

“Our world-class faculty is devoted to helping each and every student achieve their goals in their respective fields in a way that not only facilitates student learning and improves student outcomes but also helps build meaningful and long-lasting student connections with the Poole College of Management and NC State,” says Rishika.  

“As a faculty member, I have been in a state of constant learning where everyone, including faculty, staff and students, embodies the Think and Do spirit of NC State and constantly strive to do the extraordinary,” she adds. “I always tell my students that I learn something from them every day as much as they learn from me. This approach has allowed me to connect better with students and see things from their point of view which in turn helps improve overall instruction and student outcomes.” 

Learn more about the online MMA program and apply by May 1 for fall 2022 admission.