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Logistician (General)

What Does a Professional in this Career Do?

A Logistician develops estimates of demand for company products. Analyzes business and economic data and develops forecasts of product sales that can be used for production planning. Plans and manages purchasing of supplies needed by a company or organization. Develops order schedules and policies, cultivates relationships with suppliers, monitors supply quality; identifies cost-effective sources for products and services.

Job Outlook

There were 11 Logistician (General) job postings in North Carolina in the past year and 753 in the United States.

In combination with other careers in the Logistician / Supply Chain Specialist industry, which includes the Logistician (General) career, the following graph shows the number of people employed for each year since 2015:


Many new Logistician (General) jobs have salaries estimated to be in the following ranges, based on the requirements and responsibilities listed in job postings from the past year.


The average estimated salary in the United States for this career, based on job postings in the past year, is $102,453.


The average estimated salary in North Carolina for this career, based on job postings in the past year, is $102,453.

Percentiles represent the percentage that is lower than the value. For example, 25% of estimated salaries for Logistician (General) postings in the United States in the past year were lower than $80,640.

Education and Experience

Posted Logistician (General) jobs typically require the following level of education. The numbers below are based on job postings in the United States from the past year. Not all job postings list education requirements.

Education LevelPercentage
Associate's Degree5.44%
Bachelor's Degree63.48%
Master's Degree15.14%
Doctoral Degree1.2%

Posted Logistician (General) jobs typically require the following number of years of experience. The numbers below are based on job postings in the United States from the past year. Not all job postings list experience requirements.

Years of ExperiencePercentage
0 to 2 years7.67%
3 to 5 years31.3%
6 to 8 years21.13%
9+ years39.91%


Below are listings of the most common general and specialized skills Logistician (General) positions expect applicants to have as well as the most common skills that distinguish individuals from their peers. The percentage of job postings that specifically mention each skill is also listed.

Baseline Skills

A skill that is required across a broad range of occupations, including this one.

  • Management (47.41%)
  • Planning (40.77%)
  • Operations (28.42%)
  • Communication (27.76%)
  • Microsoft Office (24.7%)
  • Program Management (22.58%)
  • Coordinating (20.45%)
  • Microsoft Excel (18.33%)
  • Accountability (14.34%)
  • Research (13.28%)

Defining Skills

A core skill for this occupation, it occurs frequently in job postings.

  • Logistics (34.99%)
  • Integrated Logistics Support (28.59%)
  • Procurement (24.47%)
  • Inventory Management (13.09%)
  • Product Support (34.14%)

Necessary Skills

A skill that is requested frequently in this occupation but isn’t specific to it.

  • Shipping And Receiving (10.24%)
  • Logistics Planning (11.81%)
  • Sustainability Planning (14.08%)
  • Supply Management (1%)
  • Supply Chain (13.37%)
  • Auditing (7.82%)
  • Microsoft Access (5.26%)
  • Systems Engineering (9.1%)
  • Configuration Management (11.24%)
  • Warehousing (11.95%)
  • Financial Analysis (7.68%)
  • Data Analysis (7.82%)
  • Maintainability (12.8%)
  • Inventory Control (10.24%)
  • Milestones (Project Management) (9.39%)
  • Purchasing (9.96%)
  • Life-Cycle Cost Analysis (8.68%)
  • Project Management (13.23%)
  • Supply Chain Management (11.1%)
  • Process Improvement (6.54%)
  • Technical Communication (12.38%)
  • Technical Documentation (10.67%)
  • Logistics Management (20.63%)
  • Lifecycle Management (12.52%)
  • Electronic Systems (8.39%)

Alternative Job Titles

Sometimes employers post jobs with Logistician (General) skills but a different job title. Some common alternative job titles include:

  • Logistician
  • Acquisition Logistician
  • Acquisition Manager
  • Medical Logistician
  • Journeyman Electrician
  • Life Cycle Manager
  • Track Worker
  • Product Lifecycle Manager
  • Security Clerk
  • Integrated Logistics Support Manager

Similar Occupations

If you are interested in exploring occupations with similar skills, you may want to research the following job titles. Note that we only list occupations that have at least one corresponding NC State Online and Distance Education program.

Common Employers

Here are the employers that have posted the most Logistician (General) jobs in the past year along with how many they have posted.

United States

  • Abacus Technology Corporation (49)
  • Amentum (16)
  • Parsons (15)
  • Booz Allen Hamilton (15)
  • Serco (15)
  • Ingenesis Group (15)
  • COLSA Corporation (11)
  • Scientific Research Corporation (10)
  • Sev1Tech LLC (10)
  • DCS Corporation (9)

North Carolina

  • Vectrus (3)
  • Interactive Process Technology (1)
  • Koniag Government Services (1)
  • People, Technology And Processes (1)
  • Koniag Management Solutions (1)
  • Mr. Tire (1)
  • Vigilint Expeditionary Solutions (1)
  • Integral (1)
  • Ipt Associates (1)

NC State Programs Relevant to this Career

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