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Listen. Advise. Explore options. Help people identify and connect with resources related to academics, housing, mental health issues, financial needs and career aspirations.

Higher education institutions, career centers and high schools employ counselors and advisors in a variety of capacities.

Academic counselors work with students to plan academic coursework and find academic resources.

Guidance counselors help students identify and connect with resources such as financial aid, disability services and mental health counseling opportunities.

Career counselors help people of all ages determine what their best career plans are, from educational requirements to experience and associated resources. This includes helping people who are already out in the workforce who are seeking either career change or career advancement.

Admissions counselors work with the school to promote programs, interview students, review application materials and find resources for admitted students.

The Online Counselor Education Graduate Certificate program is specifically designed to prepare working professionals for career advancement in advising, mentorship, and counseling jobs. Common employers include, but are not limited to:

  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Public and private high schools
  • Community colleges and technical schools
  • Employment centers
  • Recruitment centers
  • Job training centers
  • Community services centers

Job Titles

The Online Counselor Education Graduate Certificate program prepares education professionals for the following job opportunities and more:

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