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Graduate Certificates | Feed Science

Feed Science

Entrance Exam: Not Required
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

The Graduate Certificate Program in Feed Science is designed to prepare professionals or current degree program students to work in the feed industry. The program will provide an advanced foundation in feed science technology, animal nutrition and feed formulation, and feed industry leadership. All courses will be delivered by distance education methods.

The objectives of this program are for the student to acquire an understanding of the technical aspects of modern feed and pet food manufacturing, feed mill operations and leadership, feed and ingredient quality assurance, food chain safety, feed industry regulations, animal nutrition and feed formulation, feed product marketing and strategic planning, and how to apply technical and academic skills to the challenges of the global feed industry.


Applicants must have a BS/BA degree or equivalent four-year degree.

Plan of Study

To receive a Graduate Certificate in Feed Science, a student must have a minimum 3.0 grade point average on all certificate coursework. All coursework must be registered through NC State University; transfer credit from other universities is not allowed. All work must be completed in four calendar years, beginning from the time the application is approved by the Director of Graduate Programs.

Career Prospects

The Graduate Certificate in Feed Science program makes it possible for feed manufacturing and allied industry companies to provide training and development opportunities to their employees without taking them away from their normal work duties for an extended period of time.

The feed industry and its allied partners are continuously seeking qualified people to formulate diets and provide technical support for their customers in North Carolina, the nation and the world. The Graduate Certificate in Feed Science supports career advancement requirements specific to employers in North Carolina and other similar states.