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Research. Investigate. Advise. Protect those working in the nuclear energy industry from radiation exposure and other related health concerns with the expertise provided by the Graduate Certificate in Health Physics.

Health professionals working in the nuclear energy industry are often instructed to cross train in both nuclear energy and health physics. This program provides the credentials and knowledge required as a foundation for certification through the American Board of Health Physics, providing both medical professionals and engineers the opportunity for career change or career advancement in the industry. Both engineers who wish to switch careers to a health-focused career track and medical professionals who wish to work in the nuclear energy industry will find this program beneficial.

Demand for health professionals continues to grow. Demand for clinical laboratory specialists is expected to grow at approximately 8%, while growth for medical research scientists is forecasted to increase by 5.5% over the next decade. North Carolina has historically been in the top 9 states hiring for these positions.

Job Titles

The Graduate Certificate in Health Physics is designed to enhance a variety of careers in the nuclear energy industry. Explore details about the following commonly held job titles:

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