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Geospatial Information Science and Technology


Orientation and Digital Symposium

The MGIST experience at NC State is bookended by two on-campus GIST events, which provide opportunities for students to more directly engage with geospatial faculty, students, alumni, and partners to facilitate networking with geospatial professional, peers, and the geospatial community at large.

Beginning with students joining the program in the Fall of 2015, all of our students are required to participate in these GIST events and activities in-person. While the majority of our students are online, it is still important that online students feel connected to the NC State community and are afforded all of the opportunities of a traditional on-campus student. By starting the program with an on-campus experience, students feel better connected to our faculty and their peers, and it serves to improve online interaction throughout the program.

Through an enhanced orientation at the beginning of the program to a professional showcase coinciding with graduation at the end of the program, we provide a unique experience that allows both our online and on-campus students to feel better connected with each other and the geospatial community at NC State. We feel that this is extremely important to the success of our students, and the feedback from online students that have participated in pilot activities and GIST events have been overwhelmingly positive and grateful for the experience.


Orientation is a day-long event held on the campus of NC State University in Raleigh, NC. Students participate in a series of workshops and social activities to become familiar with the expectations of our programs. All new students will be emailed detailed information upon acceptance. A sampling of activities include:

  • Curriculum Discussion
  • Lunch with Faculty and Staff
  • Overview of Library Resources
  • Education Technology @ NC State
  • Introduction to Online Learning
  • Advising Roundtable
  • Icebreaker Activities
  • Afternoon Social and Geovisualization Lab Tour

All newly admitted students are expected to attend IN PERSON. If circumstances will not allow you to attend in person, please contact the Director of Graduate Programs.


Spring 2019 Digital Symposium: May 10th, 2019: 2:30pm – 4:30pm in Jordan 5103!

The MGIST Digital Symposium is an opportunity for our graduating MGIST students to present their Capstone projects in front of the geospatial community at NC State. This includes student peers, alumni, faculty and staff from across the university, and our community and industry partners. This is a tremendous professional development and networking opportunity for our students.

The format utilizes our advanced classroom technology to allow students to present a digital poster and web-based demonstration of their Capstone project outcomes in a social atmosphere conducive to networking and open discussion.