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Geospatial Information Science and Technology



Academic Policies

If I am currently in the GIS Certificate Program, do I need to apply to continue in the MGIST?

Can I transfer in previously taken credits?

Do I need to take the GRE?

What are the requirements for international students?

Do online students ever need to come to campus?


Do you support military education benefits?

When can I expect an admissions decision?

When are applications due?

My undergraduate GPA was below a 3.0. What do I need to do to qualify for admission?

What undergraduate majors do you expect to qualify for admissions?

Curriculum Requirements

Do I have to do a thesis?

What is a Professional Science Masters?

What courses and/or skills are recommended prerequisites?

How long does the program typically take?

Financial Aid & Tuition

How much does it cost?

Are assistantships available to MGIST students?

Are scholarships or financial aid available?

Online Learning Environment

Will I need to buy software?

What is asynchronous learning?

What is synchronous learning?

What is a ‘flipped’ course?

How do online courses work?