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Undergraduate Certificates | Animal Nutrition

Animal Nutrition

Entrance Exam: Not Required
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

The University Certificate in Animal Nutrition is designed to allow people to gain recognition for learning the basics of animal nutrition at the undergraduate level. People who successfully complete the required courses will learn about livestock, horse, and companion animal nutrition. Four required courses (12 credit hours) must be completed. The four undergraduate courses can be completed on-campus in Raleigh, via Online and Distance Education, or in combination. Upon successful completion of the certificate requirements, NC State's Office of Registration and Records will update the student’s transcript and mail the certificate. The University Certificate in Animal Nutrition is administered by the Undergraduate Teaching Coordinator for the Department of Animal Science.

Many students across the US and beyond require an Animal Nutrition course as a pre-requisite for Veterinary School. We offer ANS 225 (summer) and ANS 230 (fall and/or spring) by Distance Education to fulfill that requirement. Students can sign up as a NON-DEGREE STUDENT and register to take one of these classes.


A person may be admitted to the certificate program after completing the first course that will be used to fulfill the certificate requirements with a C or higher grade. Current undergraduate students at NC State University who are not majoring or minoring in Animal Science are welcome to complete the certificate. People from around the world who are not current students at NC State University are also welcome to complete the certificate.

Plan of Study

The University Certificate in Animal Nutrition requires 12 undergraduate credit hours (four courses). Students pursuing university certificate programs are considered non-degree studies (NDS) students for the purpose of university registration. NDS students may register for a maximum of six credit hours per semester. Thus, the certificate may take from two to four semesters to complete. A minimum grade of “C” (2.0) is required for each course; a C-minus will not be accepted.

Career Prospects

Interested in working as a food and agricultural scientist? This certificate provides foundational knowledge necessary to work in animal feed research facilities, feed production facilities, agricultural advising consultancies, and feed mills. The certificate complements a bachelor’s degree in another science such as biology or augments an existing career in agribusiness.