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A Risk Manager evaluates risk and recommends and manages strategies to mitigate or offset risks that could result in…

High: $138,472
Low: $84,743
Employment Trend
+ 0.0287% Annually
73.94% Bachelor's
26.94% Master's

A Tax Analyst specializes in reviewing tax liability and tax practices for a company. Maintains current knowledge of…

High: $72,528
Low: $59,665
Employment Trend
+ 0.0067% Annually
77.22% Bachelor's
24.15% Master's

A Tax Manager manages tax reporting and advises on tax planning for a company. Maintains current knowledge of federal,…

High: $147,381
Low: $123,276
Employment Trend
+ 0.0395% Annually
77.91% Bachelor's
37.17% Master's

A Tax Specialist is responsible for documenting all stages of the accounting cycle in order to prepare Federal, State…

High: $82,415
Low: $56,508
Employment Trend
+ 0.022% Annually
65.12% Bachelor's
25.62% Master's