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An Auditor examines records to determine the financial status of a company or organization. Inspects accounts and…

High: $81,960
Low: $53,758
Employment Trend
+ 0.0226% Annually
59.7% Bachelor's
21.2% Master's

A Budget Analyst develops the overall annual budget for a company or organization. Evaluates budget proposals, prepares…

High: $75,965
Low: $52,743
Employment Trend
+ 0.0174% Annually
59.92% Bachelor's
21.52% Master's

A Compliance Manager tracks employer compliance with laws and regulations, particularly for organizations in business…

High: $164,892
Low: $103,090
Employment Trend
+ 0.0334% Annually
73.27% Bachelor's
29.67% Master's

A Compliance Officer or Analyst monitors internal compliance with company policies and also company compliance with…

High: $99,874
Low: $64,349
Employment Trend
+ 0.0257% Annually
64.25% Bachelor's
14.45% Master's

A Controller directs and oversees the treasury of a government, private corporation or non-profit organization, and may…

High: $120,472
Low: $95,304
Employment Trend
+ 0.0395% Annually
72.52% Bachelor's
24.96% Master's