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Are you interested in cultivating relationships with producers and community members? Do you want to serve your community by sharing educational research and best practices? If so, you may enjoy a career as an extension agent or as an agriculture and agribusiness educator.

Most extension professionals work for land-grant universities or state or county agencies as a content area specialist and educator related to family and community development, food and fiber production. They serve the local community by mediating with local governments and advocating for families, agricultural producers and consumers, while also promoting sustainable practices.

Working as an extension agent usually entails:

  • Building relationships with local and regional governments, conservationists, producers, and other agricultural and community organizations to determine local needs.
  • Development and execution of educational programs that bridge issues of concern and facilitate compliance with or application of regulations.
  • Establishing or expanding educational resources to facilitate problem solving while working within regulatory considerations.

To work in this field, you must be knowledgeable and invested in the needs of the community you serve. Learn more through the NC State Extension Job Opportunities listings.

Job Titles

In addition to working as extension agents, graduates of our certificate program often find employment in positions with the following job titles:

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