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ASIC Design and Verification



Build custom application-specific integrated circuits. Construct and optimize design models. Collaborate with engineers and designers to deliver competitive ASIC design solutions. Become an expert in ASIC with the online Graduate Certificate in Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) Design and Verification. 

ASIC design is an exciting specialty that sets our graduates apart from other electrical and computer engineers. ASICs are used in many technical industries, including connected devices, public technology clouds and data centers. ASICs are also used in blockchain technology, machine learning and the Internet of Things. These forward-thinking industries are growing, and as they grow, the need for electrical and computer engineers with a deep understanding of ASICs also increases. 

As of 2020, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projected the demand for electrical engineers, computer engineers and hardware engineers to grow at a rate of approximately 10.5% per year. Electrical design engineers are also in demand, with a predicted job growth rate of 8.6% per year. Over the past decade, North Carolina has been in the top eight states employing electrical and computer engineers and in the top 11 states hiring electrical design engineers. As dependency on ASIC chips increases, demand for engineers with knowledge of ASIC design and ASIC verification will also increase.

Job Titles

The online Graduate Certificate in ASIC Design and Verification is designed to prepare electrical and computer engineers for career advancement in this specialized field. Explore details about the following job titles held by professionals with these credentials:


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