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How to Apply

Admissions Requirements

Stage 1

Apply for admission into the LEAP program through the Department of Agricultural and Extension Education. This step is to make sure you meet the program requirements and is an internal decision made within the Department. This IS NOT an application to be admitted to the university.

Submit your collegiate transcripts (unofficial are OK) to or and they will prepare a certification plan for you to sign. This is basically a contract that says if you successfully complete the courses on the plan, we will recommend you for a North Carolina teaching license. Because of reciprocity agreements between the states, you can then use your North Carolina teaching license to get a teaching license in your home state.

Stage 2

Seek admission to North Carolina State University. There are three different options for being admitted to the University:

  • Enroll in the Agricultural and Extension Education graduate certificate program. This is a formal graduate program. You will need to complete a Graduate School application(opens in a new tab) online. In the “Application and Test Information” section, click on “Graduate Certificate,” and then select “Graduate Certificate: Agricultural and Extension Education.” With this option, you will be recognized as a student in our department and will be assigned an advisor. Upon completion, you will also receive a certificate from NC State. Note that Graduate Certificate students register for classes after degree-seeking students, but before NDS students. Our Graduate Certificate requires 15 graduate-level credit hours and must be completed within four years. An undergraduate degree must be conferred prior to application review. A 3.0 undergraduate GPA is required for admission into the Graduate School.
  • Enroll as a Non-Degree Studies student. Visit the Office of Registration and Records website for more information about enrolling in Non-Degree Studies. NDS students do not receive priority in enrolling in courses and do not qualify for financial aid. NDS students are limited to two (2) courses per semester and are not considered students in the Department of Agricultural and Human Sciences. Therefore, non-degree students will need to take the initiative to contact an advisor in our department because they do not appear on our advising rosters. This route is ideal for students who have less than 15 credit hours needed to complete LEAP or cannot complete the program within four years.
  • Enroll in the Agricultural and Extension Education master’s degree program. The application process for a master’s degree in Agricultural and Extension Education is the same as for the graduate certificate program. This option is ideal for students who are already considering earning a master’s degree but must be completed within six years. A 3.0 undergraduate GPA is required for admission into the Graduate School.

Note: A student can enroll in non-degree studies or the graduate certificate program and then apply to the AEE master’s program at a later date. A total of twelve (12) credit hours taken as NDS or in the graduate certificate program can be applied in the master’s program, but only six (6) NDS credit hours can apply towards the graduate certificate program. The time limit to complete a master’s (6 years) or certificate (4 years) program begins with the earliest course applied towards said program.

After you are officially admitted to the university, you will then work with the LEAP advisor and sign up for classes.

Apply Now 

Application Deadlines

Entry SemesterApplication Deadlines and Details
FallMay 10 (US); Dec 15 (Int)
SpringMay 10 (US); Dec 15 (Int)
Summer 1May 10 (US); Dec 15 (Int)
Summer 2May 10 (US); Dec 15 (Int)