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Curriculum and Instruction: New Literacies and Global Learning



Inspire through literature. Reach your students. Help children build foundational literacy skills. Address today’s social issues through contemporary instructional strategies utilizing the materials, methods of communication and literature your students appreciate. Deepen your career as a literacy or social studies teacher with a master’s degree in New Literacies and Global Learning (NLGL). 

The NLGL M.Ed. provides licensed teachers with an opportunity to explore connections between contemporary social concerns and communications. Program graduates know how to:

  • Find and introduce relevant literature, articles and modern communications about important current events and issues
  • Enrich and expand existing social studies and language arts classroom curriculum to better reflect contemporary issues and views
  • Design new programs that modernize communications and social studies instruction in your school system
  • Instruct students in effective communication about the topics that resonate with them

Advance your licensed teacher career by introducing deep, relevant knowledge into your classroom and school programs. Influence school programs as a curriculum designer, or grow your career as a K-12 teacher interested in improving your current position. 

Job Titles

The Master of Education in New Literacies & Global Learning (NLGL) program teaches educators how to bring subject matter relevant to current events and issues relevant to today’s political and cultural climate into the classroom. Our graduates often find career advancement in the following positions: 


Deepen your knowledge. Get the credentials and knowledge you need to build the career you want. Apply today.