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Are you inquisitive? Driven to improve efficiency? Evaluate processes and propose practical solutions as an industrial engineer.

Industrial engineers improve systemic efficiency by devising solutions involving machines, materials and human beings working together. They focus on efficiency, productivity and sustainability, applying best practices to the problem or process at hand. Depending on the project scope, industrial engineers may improve worker safety or worker sustainability, or they may improve the use of materials and reduction of waste. Typical challenges include reducing time, effort or resource requirements or improving cost efficiency.

The Master of Industrial Engineering (MIE) provides a broad foundation in economic analysis, human factors (i.e., ergonomics), production and manufacturing systems. Systems analysis and computer science and/or mathematics or statistics round out this degree program. Graduates are equipped to analyze systems and to propose, design and implement solutions in the typical industrial engineering environment.

Job Titles

The Master of Industrial Engineering is tailored for those who seek career advancement in industrial engineering careers. Our graduates often find career advancement in the following positions:

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