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Invent. Test. Conduct research. Use your advanced math, chemistry and engineering skills to build a rewarding career as a chemical engineer.

The work of chemical engineers affects many areas of our lives. From the purification of the water we drink to the safety and integrity of the plastic bottle in which we carry that water, chemical engineers affect the design, production, manufacturing, packaging and testing of products and substances we use every day. Chemical engineers work in energy, environmental safety, biomedicine, pharmaceuticals, electronics, manufacturing, food production and material development.

The Master of Science in Chemical Engineering provides deep knowledge of chemical reactions, thermodynamics, process modeling and polymer science. Graduates are equipped with an understanding of biochemical engineering and pollution prevention as well as advanced mathematics.

Job Titles

The Master of Science in Chemical Engineering is designed for students and professionals looking for an advanced degree to support a career as a chemical engineer. Our graduates often find career advancement in the following positions:

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