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Interested in power system analysis and design dynamics? Energy storage and smart grid systems? Are you an engineer interested in advancing your career into a management or development position affecting power systems? If so, the Master of Science in Electrical Power Systems Engineering (MSEPSE) is designed for you.

Power systems are critical to society’s ability to function and develop. The increase in demand for safe, sustainable, affordable power poses significant challenges to modern electric power engineers. Work in development, implementation and management of new power system processes, devices and delivery systems. Preempt situations that could result in blackouts and protect the flow of energy to homes and businesses.

The MSEPSE is tailored to engineering professionals seeking advanced education while working full time. Our distinguished alumni have found career advancement in the following positions:

  • Electric Power System Engineer
  • Electric Power System Design Manager
  • Electric Power System Consultant
  • Electric Power System Project Engineer
  • Electric Power System Substation Engineer
  • Electric Power System Test Engineer

In addition to the positions listed above, the MSEPSE can also prepare you for the following commonly held job titles:

Job Titles

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