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Mine big data. Analyze complex datasets through advanced machine learning. Become an expert in the data-driven research methodology required for materials engineering career advancement with the Materials Informatics Graduate Certificate.

Materials data science is an exciting new field with multiple applications in the professional realm. Data analysis, when applied to understanding of the structural, physical and chemical makeup of materials, empowers engineers to develop new materials. These materials are tested to see how they hold up during product creation, processing and performance, allowing us to make informed decisions on what materials are safe and effective for specific use cases. This data supports everything from decisions about durability to energy efficiency to materials failure—all of which are important factors to consider when manufacturing any new product.

Engineers are in high demand, and engineers with expertise in data science are in even higher demand. As of 2020, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projected the demand for data scientists to grow at a rate of approximately 19% per year. Over the past decade, North Carolina has been in the top 10 states employing data scientists.

Job Titles

The online Materials Informatics Graduate Certificate is designed to prepare materials engineers for career advancement in this specialized field. Explore details about the following common job titles held by professionals with these credentials:

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