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Undergraduate Certificate | Food Safety & Quality Management

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Entrance Exam: Not required

This undergraduate certificate program provides basic skills and knowledge of food safety, quality control, and operations management concepts useful throughout the food manufacturing supply chain.

The Food Safety & Quality Management Undergraduate Certificate provides individuals with basic skills and knowledge of food safety, quality control, and operations management concepts that are useful throughout the food manufacturing supply chain. It is available to non-degree seeking students and both undergraduate and graduate students at NC State University. The courses required for this certificate are offered through distance education. The program curriculum includes three food science courses that address scientific principles and procedures associated with food safety and one business course in operations management. Each course is evaluated by the Quality Matters Rubric.


This certification is available to non-degree studies (NDS) students, as well as to degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate students at NC State University. To participate in the program, contact Dr. Clint Stevenson, Online and Distance Education Coordinator in Food Safety Education and Training.

Individuals residing outside of the United States are welcome to take our online courses. Please complete and submit the International Clearance Form – a statement indicating that you will be participating and completing the online course while residing in your home country.


Ensuring the safety of the nation's food supply is a critical and growing need. This program provides skills and certification for those involved in food processing or inspection.

Four courses totaling 12 credit hours are required, including:

FS 250 - Basics of Food Safety & Quality

Units: 3

This course examines the programs that maintain food safety and quality in food processing environments. It is based on international standards for food safety prerequisite programs in food manufacturing. Students will learn how to evaluate and manage pre-requisite programs for food safety. Examples include Good Manufacturing Practices [GMPs], Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures [SSOPs], Sanitation Control Procedures, and Preventive Controls.

Offered in Fall and Spring

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2018 Summer Term 1 2018 Fall Term

FS 435 - Food Safety Management Systems

Units: 3

This course teaches students how to develop and implement food safety management systems. It begins with the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points [HACCP] system and then teaches the Hazard Analysis and Risk-Based Preventive Controls [HARPC] system. Students will learn the step-by-step process for developing and implementing food safety plans to ensure food products are safe and wholesome. Students will apply theoretical knowledge as they engage with case studies through interactive videos and virtual reality tours as they practice developing and auditing food safety plans.

Offered in Fall Only

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2018 Fall Term

FS 416 - Quality Control in Food and Bioprocessing

Units: 3

Organization and principles of quality control in the food and bioprocessing industries. Regulations and process control to maintain safety and quality. Evaluation of physical, microbiological, chemical, sensory, and stability testing for food and bioprocessed materials. Risk assessment, hazard analysis and critical control point [HACCP], process control, water quality, waste water analysis and reduction. Cleaning and sanitation and compliance inspection.

Offered in Spring Only

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2018 Spring Term

BUS 370 - Operations Management

Units: 3

Concepts in planning, controlling, and managing the operations function of manufacturing and service firms. Topics include operations strategy, process choice decisions, forecasting, production planning and control, and trends in operations management. Common tools for informed decision-making in these areas.

Offered in Fall Spring Summer

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2018 Spring Term 2018 Summer Term 2 2018 Fall Term

Course Availability Schedule
Required courses are generally available to Food Safety & Quality Management certificate students as follows (course availability subject to change):
  • Fall Semester: FS 250, FS 435
  • Spring Semester: FS 416
  • Summer 10-Week Session: FS 250
  • Summer II Session: BUS 370
Entry Semester Application Deadlines and Details
FallAugust 15, 2018
SpringJanuary 5, 2018
SummerMay 15, 2018

Dr. Clint Stevenson

Distance Education Coordinator, Food Safety Education and Training

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences