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Food Safety & Quality Management

Entrance Exam: Not Required

The Undergraduate Certificate in Food Safety & Quality Management provides foundational  skills and knowledge about food safety, quality control and operations management concepts essential to career advancement related to  the food manufacturing supply chain. Offered online to non-degree seeking students, undergraduate and graduate students at NC State University, the 12-credit program includes three food science courses (9 credits) that address scientific principles and procedures associated with food safety and one elective course (3 credits). Each course is evaluated by the Quality Matters Rubric.


This certification is available to non-degree studies (NDS) students, undergraduate, and graduate students at NC State University. To participate in this program, please submit an application by clicking on the "Apply Now" button. Should you have questions about this program, please contact Dr. Clint Stevenson, Online and Distance Education Coordinator in Food Safety Education and Training.

Individuals residing outside of the United States are welcome to take our online courses. Please complete and submit the International Clearance Form – a statement indicating that you will be participating and completing the online course while residing in your home country.

Career Prospects

In need of quality assurance, quality control or food safety certification? Ensuring the safety of the nation's food supply is a critical and growing need, and many co-packing and manufacturing facilities require certification for career advancement. The Undergraduate Certificate in Food Safety & Quality Management provides the skills and certifications required of professionals working in food processing, inspection and manufacturing.