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Advise food companies and manufacturers on supply chain best practices. Protect product consistency and availability through proven protocols. Establish and enforce food quality assurance standards and procedures as a food safety expert.

Food safety and supply chain management experts usually find work doing some or all of the following:

  • Staying informed of food safety concerns and regulations, and establishing manufacturing, packaging and storage practices that reflect those requirements.
  • Advising food companies and manufacturers on supply chain issues such as sourcing raw ingredients and having back-up sources to protect product availability.
  • Forecasting ingredient demand and predicting obstacles to meeting quality, safety and product consistency standards.
  • Working with suppliers to ensure ingredient quality and affordability.
  • Preparing for and handling recalls.
  • Working with manufacturers to handle safety issues on the production line to protect both employee and product safety.

Job Titles

The Undergraduate Certificate in Food Safety & Quality Management is designed to prepare working professionals for career advancement in food manufacturing. Our graduates often find career advancement in positions with the following job titles:

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