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Develop technical skills. Get your foot in the door of the world of computer science, programming, and IT with undergraduate computer science courses.

Many working professionals discover they need computing and programming skills to keep up with the latest technological changes in their job descriptions as more of the world embraces technological innovations. Undergraduate computer science courses provide the necessary advantage for a wide variety of challenges, such as:

  • Basic programming skills necessary to design, develop, and test software using industrial practices and tools
  • Foundational Java skills required for development of algorithms for problem solving
  • Understanding of computer operating systems, including memory management, file systems, process management, distributed systems, deadlocks, and basic security and system accounting

Technical jobs continue to be in high demand, and many positions are becoming more technical every day.

Job Titles

Whether you simply need technical skills to keep up with the changing needs of your current position or you are ready to transition into a more technical position, the University Computer Programming Certificate prepares you for technical challenges. While most of the positions listed below require a bachelor’s degree in computer science or computer programming, the certificate provides the foundation for future pursuit of the following job titles:

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