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Lead with authority. Inspire confidence. Navigate complex challenges with confidence. Deepen your expertise as an administrative officer with the strategic skills delivered through the Administrative Officers Management Program (AOMP).

The AOMP is an onsite undergraduate certificate program tailored to professionals working in law enforcement or security. Administrative officers are tasked with responsible, rapid response to a variety of challenges such as criminal, community or emergency crises. As the world becomes more complex, leaders must keep up with the latest strategies of effective and responsible protective services. This concentrated certificate program prepares you for a wide array of challenges specific to administrative officer positions.

North Carolina is typically one of the top 10 states hiring security supervisor jobs and police chief jobs. Law enforcement job demand is usually healthy across the nation.

Job Titles

Interested in advancing your career in protective services? Want to work as a police chief? A security supervisor? A law enforcement administrator?

The AOMP is carefully designed to prepare working professionals for career advancement in security and law enforcement jobs. Our graduates often find employment working positions with the following job titles:

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