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Entrance Exam: Not Required

NC State University offers excellent opportunities for science teachers and other science professionals to stay abreast of advances in the field of biology. Through Post-Baccalaureate Studies (PBS), a student can complete the Graduate Certificate in Biology for Educators entirely online.

Although not a master's degree, the online Graduate Certificate in Biology for Educators may satisfy many of your needs for professional development. Should you later decide to pursue a master's degree, some coursework from this program may transfer. However, successful completion of this program does not guarantee admission to a degree program.

Two Certificate Options

Students pursue one of these certificate options:

  • Certificate Option I: Students take four courses totaling 12 credit hours and earn the Graduate Certificate in Biology for Educators.
  • Certificate Option II: Students take six courses totaling 18 credit hours. They earn the Graduate Certificate in Biology for Educators, plus enough graduate-level credits to teach Advanced Placement (AP) classes at the high school level or to teach in a community college.

Student Experience

Students enrolled in the 12-credit program may take up to 4 years to complete, with 2 years being the most common program completion schedule.

The following is the most typical program completion schedule:

  • One 3-credit course Summer I of Year I
  • One 3-credit course Summer II of Year I
  • One 3 credit course Summer I of Year II
  • Complete the capstone course, The Science of Learning, Summer II of Year II.

Students may complete the program in a shorter timeframe depending on how much time they have to dedicate to the program. Classes are offered primarily during Spring and Summer on a rotating basis to accommodate teachers whose time may be limited during the school year.

Contact the program advisor to discuss your desired program completion schedule.