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Biology for Educators



The primary goal of the Online Graduate Certificate in Biology for Educators is to enhance the careers of science teachers. While some of our students take our courses to satisfy science teacher continuing education requirements, many of our students pursue the certificate for the following reasons:

  • To refresh knowledge and stay current
  • To expand from another discipline into life sciences
  • To qualify to teach AP biology courses (18-credit option)
  • To qualify to work as a community college biology instructor

Enhance Your Career

If you currently work as a science teacher, you may wish to deepen your knowledge and build your credentials in order to pilot a science education program or work as a science specialist. You may wish to work at a magnet school that specializes in STEM subjects, or to apply for a position as a community college biology instructor.

Advancement as a biology educator requires deep knowledge of your subject matter, backed by respected science education credentials. The Online Graduate Certificate in Biology for Educators delivers the knowledge and credentials required for advancement as a science teacher in the state of North Carolina.

Advanced biology teachers are in demand, and science teacher job forecasting is favorable for a wide variety of positions related to science education. Get the credentials you need to build the career you want. Explore career options and job listings, and then register for online biology classes tailored to work with your busy schedule.

Job Titles

This program prepares you for a wide variety of positions. Explore details about the following commonly held job titles:


Deepen your knowledge. Get the credentials and knowledge you need to build the career you want. Apply today.