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Cultivate. Innovate. Manicure. Arrange. Beautify the world while building a career in horticulture.

Horticulture is a flexible career path with multiple options. The Graduate Certificate in Horticultural Science provides the expertise employers expect in food, agriculture, renewable resources and the environment.. Our graduates typically find employment opportunities in the following three career paths:

  • In horticultural research and development roles, working with plants in a variety of positions and in a wide range of employment levels;
  • Working the business side of the industry, as part of the management team for production or installation and maintenance operations. 
  • In education, teaching horticultural science as a postsecondary educator or as an extension agent.
  • In public gardens and not-for-profit organizations as part of the management team.

Learn more about each of these horticultural science career paths and explore employment opportunities that align with your green thumb.

Job Titles

Love biology, biotechnology, and other applied sciences? Always enjoyed helping plants grow? Most of our graduates build rewarding careers in one of the following positions:


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