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Are you fascinated by the scientific advancement possibilities of nanotechnology? Would you like to invent or work with nanoscale medical procedures or materials science innovations? Explore this cutting-edge territory with a Master of Nanoengineering.

Many natural biological processes already happen on a nanoscale, and now scientists are designing tools, treatments and therapies that also take advantage of the changes in materials that occur when matter appears at the nanoscale. Drawing inspiration from naturally occurring microscopic models found in biology, nanoengineers design and test innovative nanotechnology for medicine, imaging, chemistry, computing and synthesis of materials.

The Master of Nanoengineering provides a foundation in the unique physical, chemical, mechanical and optical properties of materials that occur at a nanoscale. This foundational degree supports career growth in many fields. From materials science to medicine, nanoengineers are inventing new ways to tackle age-old problems—and are finding exciting solutions.

Job Titles

The Master of Nanoengineering is tailored for those who seek career advancement in nanotechnology careers. Our graduates often find career advancement in the following positions:

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