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Inspire. Lead. Tackle the challenges facing the agricultural business industry leveraging the skills and knowledge provided by the University Certificate in Agricultural Leadership.

As our world population grows and changes, challenges with agricultural production, distribution and sustainability have become more complex. Leadership is necessary across all industries and in all communities to address the emerging obstacles facing agriculture in the 21st century.

The University Certificate in Agricultural Leadership provides foundational understanding of the principles of leadership. Learn how to effectively lead teams and projects in organizations where agriculture or agribusiness knowledge is required.

North Carolina is usually in the top ten states hiring for agricultural management jobs and in the top 15 for agribusiness jobs overall. Agribusiness job demand is usually healthy across the nation.

Common Employers

  • Cooperative Extension/Community Educators
  • Human Resources
  • Retail Management

Job Titles

The University Certificate in Agricultural Leadership is tailored for students who desire careers working with people in a variety of industries related to or impacted by agriculture. Our graduates often find career advancement in the following positions:

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