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Research. Analyze. Be a part of scientific and medical advancements. Investigate the growth, structure and development of microscopic organisms while building a career in microbiology.

Career Paths

Some of our graduates are interested in working specifically in microbiology, but many of our graduates use this certificate as a springboard for a career in education (science teacher or professor) or medicine. Students interested in pursuing a career in either science education or medicine need a foundational understanding of microbiology.

A certificate from NC State is highly regarded in the field of education. Many of the students that pursue this certificate are science teachers that want to teach secondary or postsecondary science, or who want to set the foundation for the additional education they will need to teach at the college level.

An undergraduate certificate in microbiology provides the knowledge and experience required for an entry-level job in medicine. You may be able to apply credits from the program to an undergraduate degree or supplement an undergraduate degree at an institution that does not offer an undergraduate degree in microbiology. The certificate will enhance your school application, bettering your chances at admission to nursing, medical or professional school.

Typical Employers

Our graduates typically work with one of the following:

  • Education Institutions (Colleges, Universities, Secondary Schools)
  • Research Facilities
  • Medical Facilities
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Government
  • Environmental Agencies and Conservancies
  • Military
  • Research/Consulting Firms

Job Titles

From medicine to agriculture, this certificate prepares you for a wide variety of positions in the field of microbiology. Explore details about the following commonly held job titles:

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